Improve Your Pressure Control Automation Systems with the Tescom ER5000

As an authorized Tescom distributor, Stanley Proctor works to help businesses in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania find a solution that makes pressure control automation easy. That’s why we offer components like the Tescom ER5000 series.

A Tescom ER5000 is a digital, closed-loop PID controller that combines powerful and flexible solutions in a simple pressure-control automation package that can provide the following benefits:

  • Accurate pressure control
  • Automation of existing systems
  • Elimination of human error

How the Tescom ER5000 Combats the Deficiencies of Open Loop Pressure Control Systems

Image of a Tescom ER5000 PID controller.

While open-loop pressure control systems often require an operator to fix regulator droop and decaying inlet effect, the Tescom ER5000 handles the control algorithm on its own. This is due to a setup where the controller compares setpoint and feedback signals every 25 milliseconds, constantly regulating the pressure in the line. If a variance is detected, the Tescom ER5000 will open either the inlet or exhaust valve until the desired pressure is attained. This process produces consistent, repeatable and accurate pressure regulation.

The Tescom ER5000 is also usable on just about every regulator, making it a tremendous choice for a wide range of applications. Users can simply add the controller to their mechanical system and tie it up to their computer and automation control systems to get all the data and information they need.

How to Get the Tescom ER5000 Running

The setup for the Tescom ER5000 is simple. In fact, the Tescom ER5000 is shipped with everything it needs to be operational. All you have to do is follow these steps to put it to work:

  1. Verify the configuration of your application and any safety requirements
  2. Mount the ER5000 on the regulator and power it up
  3. Connect the USB cable to the board
  4. Plug the USB to your computer
  5. Run the ERTune Setup Wizard and follow the instructions that show up on your screen to install the program

After you have installed ERTune, you are able to have ongoing communication with the Tescom ER5000 through the USB or a RS-485 network for daisy-chained controllers. This software gives you the ability to tune the PID loop, monitor the system, and oversee other key function.

Whether you’re trying to enhance your systems or improve automation technology, the Tescom ER5000 gives you an easy-to-use, easy-to-automate solution for your pressure control applications. Contact us today to learn more about the Tescom ER5000 and how it could benefit your business.