Aluminum Framing & Machine Guarding

Stanley Proctor can custom design and build almost any kind of machine guarding, custom carts, work stations, lab carts, and more.

Aluminum Guarding

Aluminum extrusions have surpassed welded steel structures as the way to build protective guards and enclosures in almost every industry worldwide. With mk Automation’s aluminum framing and machine guarding components, Stanley Proctor can custom build just about anything you can imagine. This includes:

  • Perimeter guards
  • Integrated machine guards
  • Safety enclosures
  • Sliding doors and windows
  • Counterbalanced doors
  • Work stations
  • Carts 

Aluminum Framing

Our aluminum framing systems feature over 200 different profile shapes and more than 2,700 connectors and system components. All t-slot extruded aluminum systems are engineered for a precise fit and maximum rigidity. Forget the hassles and inflexibility of steel – the welding, grinding, painting and waiting. T-slot aluminum extrusions offer you fast assembly, easy reconfiguration and unlimited flexibility.

Contact us or call us at 330-425-7814 to order your own custom  aluminum framing or guards today.