Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer

Stanley M. Proctor distributes a complete array of top-of-the-line heat transfer products designed for maximum efficiency even under the most extreme conditions. Our extensive selection of heat transfer product lines can be configured in numerous shapes, sizes and materials for a variety of industries. This enables us to offer a heat transfer solution for every part of your production process.

Expandable Designs and Versatile
Heat Transfer Units

For viscous flows, slurries, or any flow with particulates our free-flow, plate heat exchangers provide you with the processing power you need without the risk of particles blocking the flow. These heat exchangers are especially useful in environments where cross-contamination cannot be tolerated. We represent a number of heat transfer product manufacturers, so we have an extensive selection that provides a variety of heat transfer surfaces and heat exchanger designs, including:

Open-flow plates
Spiral units
Shell and tube
Immersion sections
Clamp-on sections

Our technical consultants are also available to review your heat transfer process and make recommendations on improvements or new products to help you find the most efficient and cost-effective means of heat transfer that meet your requirements. With our heat transfer experience and quality products, we have thermal capacities to cover all of your heat transfer requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how Stanley Proctor can help you with heat transfer units.

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