Measurement, Instrumentation & Control

Measurement, Instrumentation
& Control Products

The Stanley M. Proctor Company offers a complete line of durable measurement, instrumentation and control products for all your demanding requirements, giving you the ability to accurately and efficiently measure and track information through components such as meters, sensors, and other key items. Our selection of components can help your business:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Decrease issues and maintenance
  • Aid decision making and management
  • Increase return on investment
  • Solve compatibility challenges

Quality measurement, instrumentation and control products can make a huge difference for your business. Our experts can help you find the right available or custom solution that works for your applications. Give us a call at 330-425-7814 or contact us online to learn more about how Stanley Proctor can help you find the measurement, instrumentation and control products you need.

Measurement Products

Linear Potentiometers
String Potentiometers
Rotary Sensors
Incremental Encoders
Cable-Actuated Sensors
Position Sensors
Position Transducers

V-Cone Flow Meters
Electromagnetic (Mag) Flow Meters
Differential Pressure Flow Meters
Turbine Flow Meters
Helical Gear Flow Meters
Orifice Plates
Flow Tubes
Flow Nozzles
Gas Meters
Ultrasonic Gas Measurement
Laminar Flow Elements

Level Gauges

Differential Pressure Indicators & Switches
Differential Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Sensors
Pressure Transmitters
Pressure Transducers

Temperature Gauges
Temperature Probes
Temperature Transmitters

Instrumentation Products

Data Loggers for Pressure/Temperature/Humidity
Sight Flow Indicators
Panel Meter Display Systems
Chart Recorders
FCX Transmitters
Flow Computers
Alarm Annunciators
Display Systems
Panel Meters
Signal Conditioners

Control Products

Feed Throughs for Sensors, Probes, Electrodes & Wires
Water Jet Eductors
Steam Jet Blowers
Jet Exhausters & Compressors
Jet Ejectors
Jet Heaters
Steam Jet Syphons
Steam Jet Heaters
Steam Jet Ejectors
Tank Heaters
Pipeline Heaters
Water Heaters
Steam Desuperheaters
Venturi Desuperheaters
Exhausters & Compressors
Chlorine Scrubbers
Ejector-Venturi Scrubbers
Vent Gas Scrubbers
Wet Scrubbers
Barometric Condensers
Check Valves

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