Test Stands

Custom Test Stands

The Stanley M. Proctor Company supplies custom configurations of test equipment and test stands that meet the rigorous internal quality controls of many industries. Our test stands are custom designed for every customer to meet the needs of each specific production environment. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that provide you with the durability and performance that will give you consistent results for years.Burst-Chamber

Test Stands Provide an Essential Diagnostic Tool

The equipment we supply is designed to provide reliable service for decades under extreme conditions. Test stands can be equipped with the simplest valves and manifolds to the most complex proportional, servo-systems controlled by sophisticated programming. Whether you are in the test and measurement, hydraulic, pneumatic or automotive industry, Stanley Proctor test stands are designed to make a fast and accurate diagnosis to keep you operating at peak efficiency.

Technical Support that Adds Outstanding Value

With over 60 years in business and a technical staff proficient with CAD systems, we can design a quality, cost-effective solution to match your exact needs. Our technical staff can work with you to customize test benches and test systems specifically for your business.

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