Products for the Steel Industry

Integrated Hydraulic Products
for the Steel Industry

Image of custom steel industry components.To compete in today’s marketplace, steel manufacturers must operate at optimum levels of efficiency and to do that facilities require sophisticated fluid power and automation systems. Stanley M. Proctor Company distributes hydraulic components, power units and control system technology with the extended reliability and sustainability required by the steel industry.

We provide solutions for power supply, process control, vacuum related automation and gas pumping systems. We can recommend the top components for maximum performance, quality and safety in the steel industry, including:

  • Hydraulic power systems producing pressures up to 60,000 psi with unlimited flow rates and reservoirs up to 3,000 gallons
  • Gas booster systems up to 39,000 psi and contaminant free
  • Filtration systems and elements
  • Complete line of measurement, instrumentation and process control products

Steel Industry Components that Offer Greater Reliability and Cost Efficiencies

Our hydraulic components and other steel industry products stand up to demanding conditions with fluid and dirt, extreme temperatures changes, high pressure and long operating cycles.

Since 1955, we have been a leading distributor of quality products used worldwide in the steel industry. It is our hope that, by providing the highest quality components, we are contributing to your increased productivity and the overall quality of the steel produced. Whether you need off-the-shelf parts or custom configured systems, we can help you keep your competitive edge.

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