Industrial Products

Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Measurement, Instrumentation & Control Products

Stanley M. Proctor Company offers an expanding portfolio of reliable, long-lasting industrial products. We represent top manufacturers of hydraulic, pneumatic, measurement, instrumentation and control products.

Our customers need quality components that can help them deliver results. Our selection of products has met and exceeded our customers’ needs for over 60 years. We have experienced technical experts on staff that will work closely with you to find exactly what you need.

Search for our available products by the major categories below. If you need a custom configuration or can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call at 330-425-7814 or contact us online.

Hydraulic Products

High-quality hydraulic components for fluid power and motion control, hydraulic motors, power units and hydraulic/electric products.

Pneumatic Products

A complete offering of pneumatic components that can be assembled and integrated into your systems for increased reliability and productivity.

Electric/Electronic Products

A selection of high-quality, electric/electronic components for a wide range of applications

Environmental Products

Oil detection and purge pressurization systems for use in facilities and areas where production, processing, storage or transport of oil occurs.

Measurement, Instrumentation & Control Products

A complete line of durable measurement, instrumentation and control products for all your demanding requirements.

Heat Transfer Products

Heat exchanges and highly efficient heat transfer systems for processing fluids, viscous solutions or particulates, or most applications involving high pressures and temperature extremes.

Process Control Products

A complete line of durable instrumentation and process control products for all your demanding, continuous production operations.