Technical Support Services

Engineering & Technical Support Services for Industrial Components

The Stanley M. Proctor Company provides companies with expert engineering and technical support services for hydraulic, pneumatic, measurement, instrumentation, heat transfer and process control applications.

After decades in business, combined with over 250 years of industry experience on staff, we have earned the trust of high exposure customers with highly technical applications. Our in-house team of engineers and technical experts can help with a wide variety of technical needs for any brand of industrial components. Our technical support services include:

  • Engineering Services and Support
  • Image of CAD design, other technical services for hydraulic, pneumatic, measurement, instrumentation, heat transfer and process control applications.System Design, Builds and Testing per your specifications or with our creative ideas based on years of experience.
    • 2D or 3D CAD Drawings
    • Schematics
    • Bill of Material Creation
    • Custom Products Built In-House
  • Component Selection – We can help select components that fit your applications, as well as recommend new, modern replacements for old, obsolete components. For example, we have an extensive library for Double A Products including pumps, valves and power units.
  • On-Site Troubleshooting
  • Consulting  Services – On-site or in-house review of applications, verification of proposed solutions and other in-depth analysis based on your needs.
  • Training on specific products or subjects (basic and advanced hydraulics, etc.) at your location or ours.

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Technical Solution Examples

Protecting Motors from Abrasive Cement Dust

A customer needed a simple, reliable and relatively low-cost method to provide a resistive torque range of 2,000 to 20,000 lb-in to use in product life-cycle testing for electric valve actuators used in the gas industry. Our team designed and delivered a solution that utilized a hydraulic rotary actuator in an unconventional way. Find out how we did it.

Four Tire & Rubber Manufacturing Challenges Solved

A global tire manufacturer needed help with tractor tire retrofit machinery, a fabric edge-guide system, an outdated on/off crowned roll bending system and machine design modifications. Our expertise in hydraulic and pneumatic integration with electronic controls allowed us to improve accuracy in critical applications and avoid costly machine replacements. Find out how we did it.

Slowing Down a Powerful Compacting Press

A customer who knew of our expertise with Moog Servo Valves needed to compress a specialized material in such a way that would result in a zero-void density compound. We created a custom control system that gave the customer high-precision control over their compaction press at unimaginably slow speeds. Find out how we did it.

Simpler and Safer Controls for Pressure Proof Testing

A customer needed equipment that would allow them to safely perform pressure proof testing on aerospace products at pressures up to 5,000 psig with nitrogen gas. We custom-designed and built equipment consisting of a pressure control panel and a test chamber that made the application easy to use and safe for an operator. Find out how we did it.

Remote Pressure Changes for a Dairy Product Process Line

A dairy product manufacturer had an issue where they had to manually adjust the pressure needed to maintain the flow of their process line. Our team designed and built custom equipment that gave them the ability to monitor and control pressure from a remote location. Find out how we did it.