Environmental Products

The Stanley M. Proctor Company supplies Slick Sleuth™ environmental products that remotely detect oil spills for marine and a variety of other industrial applications. These oil spill detection systems provide instant detection and notification in any area where the production, processing, storage or transport of oil occurs.

With Slick Sleuth™, you will be able to contain spills and avert environmental damage, costly cleanup and possible fines and regulatory penalties. The Slick Sleuth™ system is certified to meet U.S. EPA compliance standards, SPCC and NPDES compliance and is a Best Management Practice tool.

Detect Oil Spills in Real-Time

Monitoring and detecting oil spills as they occur in real-time can accelerate your response time. This can help limit damage to the environment and substantially reduce cleanup and remediation costs. The optical sensor detects small, micron-level amounts of oil and can be configured to automatically shut off pumps or valves, immediately limiting your spill potential. The Slick Sleuth™ system then activates audio and visual alarms and notifies selected personnel via computer display and/or telephone.

Cost Effective and Low Maintenance

Building on over 60 years of sensor systems innovation, InterOcean Systems, Inc. developed the highly-effective Slick Sleuth™ oil spill detection system to be easy to install and require no maintenance. Its sensors, communications and power are self-contained in a unit that is easily installed above the water, virtually eliminating marine fouling and additional problems inherent with other types of sensors that contact water/effluent directly. This system is also perfectly suited for spill monitoring over ground, concrete and wet or dry drainages, wherever spill detection is warranted.

Avoid environmental damage and costly mistakes by investing in a Slick Sleuth™ oil spill detection system for your business. Give us a call at 330-425-7814 or contact us online

Typical Users and Applications

Aquaculture & Fish Farms
Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
Marinas & Fuel Docks
Oil Refineries & Blending Plants
Pipeline, Storage & Tank Farms
Platforms & Rigs
Ports & Harbors
Power Generators & Distributors
Storm Water & Inland Waterways
Wastewater Treatment & Desalination

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