Paint Pump Control Manifolds

Custom Paint Pump Control Manifolds

The Stanley M. Proctor Company now offers Paint Pump Control Manifolds designed to simplify installation and reduce inventory. With universal mounting, these manifolds can be used for either “Left-Hand” or “Right-Hand” orientation. Simply choose one inlet-port and one outlet-port from either side of the manifold, then plug the two unused ports. The mounting holes, drain port and control valve mountings are symmetrical.

Paint Pump Control ManifoldWe offer two sizes of manifolds, one for low flow and one for high flow, both with several control options. All manifolds include:

  • Universal mounting
  • Hazardous Environment (Class I, Group C & D; Class II, Group E, F & G) rated solenoid or air pilot control valve (available on 08 series only)
  • Pressure reducing/relieving valve
  • Flow control valve
  • Pressure gage
  • Two SAE port plugs
  • Four socket head cap screws for mounting
  • View the CAD 

PPCM-08 Series
6 gpm/3000 psi, 23 lpm/210 bar
PPCM-08-24DC (24 VDC solenoid)
PPCM-08-115AC (115 VAC solenoid)
PPCM-08-AP (Air Pilot)
Inlet (2) & Outlet (2) ports- SAE-8, two (2) SAE port plugs included
Drain port- SAE-6, Gage port- SAE-4

Our PPCM-08 Series replaces the following:
Graco PCM5-2345-LHP
Graco PCM5-2345-RHP
Continental Hydraulics IC-PCM5-AB03-A5-M0278LH
Continental Hydraulics IC-PCM5-AB03-A5-M0278RH

PPCM-12 Series
30 gpm/3000 psi, 114 lpm/210 bar
PPCM-12-24DC (24 VDC solenoid)
PPCM-12-115AC (115 VAC solenoid)
Inlet (2) & Outlet (2) ports- SAE-12, two (2) SAE port plugs included
Drain port- SAE-6, Gage port- SAE-4

Our PPCM-12 Series replaces the following:
Graco 916-150
Continental Hydraulics IC-PCM10-AB03-A10-M0366LH
Continental Hydraulics IC-PCM10-AB03-A10-M0366RH

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