Four Tire & Rubber Manufacturing Challenges Solved

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The Stanley Proctor Team

Four Tire & Rubber Manufacturing Challenges Solved

One of our longtime customers – a global tire manufacturer – has trusted us to help solve its manufacturing challenges since 1961.

Four recent challenges we solved for them can be summed up in three simple words:
accuracy, control and savings.

But of course, when it comes to manufacturing, solutions are seldom simple.

Challenge #1: Tractor Tire Refit

The challenge: Retrofit a tractor tire building machine to more accurately position and control the velocity of two opposing cylinders duirng ply-down and bladder turn-up operations.

Challenge #2: Guide System Improvement

The challenge: Work with the company to improve the accuracy of a fabric-edge guide system.

Challenge #3: Control System Conversion

The challenge: Update an outdated digital crowned roll bending control system that controls the pressure on two opposing cylinders as fabric thickness downstream is monitored electronically.

Challenge #4: Closing the Loop

The challenge: Modify machine designs utilizing Fairchild Pressure Regulators to allow for linear control of output pressure.

The Solutions

We brought our expertise in hydraulic and pneumatic integration with electronic controls to bear on these four challenges…

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