PAX Family of Linear Actuators & Motorized Regulators

  • Designed for automation of pressure regulators and small valves
  • Flexible and configurable low voltage DC powered linear actuator:
    • Input Signal Options:
      • Pulse Up/Down mode     
      • Analog 4 to 20 mA
      • ModBus Communication
    • Output Signal Options:
      • Isolated High and Low Alarm Switch Output
      • 4 to 20 mA Analog Output (position feedback)
      • ModBus RTU Communication
    • Simple User Interface, does not require external devices or software to set-up
      • Overall stroke, alarm limits and feedback signals are defined by end user
      • Speed adjustment up to 2.36 in/min (60 mm/min)
      • Damping Adjustment
      • Manual HEX drive                  
  • Low power consumption (18-Watt maximum, less than 1 Watt during standby) which is ideal for installations in isolated locations
  • Flameproof enclosure – FM, CSA, IECEx and ATEX explosion-proof approved
  • Wide range of pre-configured regulators available
  • Can be easily adapted to other regulators and valves with mounting kits                                                                            

PAX Family Applications

  • Bristol // Emerson Series 5457 replacement
  • Low pressure distribution Inches H2O
  • High pressure, distribution and step-down transmission
  • Transmission (pipeline) remote valve control
Uni-directional (Push) Rotating Rod
Bi-directional (Push & Pull) Non-Rotating Rod
PAX1 Motorized Regulator

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