Sauer Compressors USA

Industries Worldwide Rely on Sauer Piston Compressors for Pressures of up to 7,250 PSI

Sauer Compressors USA specializes in the manufacturing of medium and high-pressure air and gas compressors for compressed natural gas, power generation, pipeline services, processing, metallurgy, mining, aviation, naval, commercial maritime, research & development, and other demand­ing industrial applications. In addition to air, Sauer Compressors is saturated in the CNG, N2, He, and inert gas markets. Sauer USA, located in Stevensville, MD is an affiliate of J.P. Sauer & Sohn, head­quartered in Kiel, Germany.

Rated for continuous duty, all compres­sors have been field tested in the most demanding applications and extensively refined to provide true 24/7 reliability supported by the Sauer Lifetime Warran­ty. With a reputation for reliability and life cycle product support, Sauer Compres­sors is the global leader in the medium and high-pressure compressor markets.

  • 24/7 Service Support
  • Emergency Response within 24hrs
  • National Service Support Network
  • Fully Stocked Parts Warehouse
  • Parts and Labor Warranty for Service Work
  • Factory Trained and Qualified Technicians
  • Ability to Respond to Remote Locations
  • Technical Training Courses for All Models
  • Set Budget Service Agreement Programs Available
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty Available

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