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The Stanley M. Proctor Company provides businesses with Moog components for their precision control applications. We are an exclusive stocking distributor and repair partner with Moog in the northern half of Ohio. Moog offers over 60 years of experience providing reliable, accurate hydraulic valve products for the industrial market. These high-performance products include servo and proportional valves, which contain either mechanical or electric feedback mechanisms. Moog is also the leading supplier for Radial Piston Pumps (RKP) worldwide. RKP pumps have been a valuable component for decades and run in over 100,000 machines across the world.G761 (2)

As an authorized Moog stocking partner, we offer all Moog components and parts, including:

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Performing pre-emptive, scheduled maintenance is the key to not only extending the life of your equipment but also protecting profits. Ignoring something because it is already running, or cutting corners for the sake of expediency takes uptime out of your control and puts it into the hands of luck.

Official Moog Repair & Warranty Services

Only Moog can properly repair Moog components. Don’t make the costly mistake of not relying on authorized Moog partners to help you with your Moog component repairs. We are an authorized Moog repair partner and our experts will work with you to diagnose your technical issues. Click here to view the Moog Servo and Proportional Valve Maintenance & Repair brochure.

We can determine if your Moog components are in need of a factory repair or if your business would save more by purchasing a discounted replacement from Moog. We can also handle any inquiries into Moog component warranties.

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