Milwaukee Cylinder

Authorized Milwaukee Cylinder Distributor

Milwaukee CylinderThe Stanley M. Proctor Company is an authorized distributor of Milwaukee Cylinder products.

Milwaukee Cylinder is a leading manufacturer of steel and aluminum cylinder components for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. The company is dedicated to their slogan “Specials are our standard” and has a world-wide reputation of offering quality solutions to virtually every cylinder application.

With over half a decade of experience, Milwaukee Cylinder builds all its tie rod cylinders and other cylinder products to hold up and perform in tough fluid power applications. Thanks to an ongoing commitment to innovation and creativity, the company continues to manufacture parts that meet and surpass the needs of its customers. Their hydraulic and pneumatic components are High-Quality Performance Tested to ensure that you receive a product that can withstand your demands and keep your applications running the way they should.

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Milwaukee Cylinder manufactures a wide variety of tie rod cylinders and other engineered hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder solutions. We can provide you with the quality Milwaukee Cylinder components you need, including:

  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Metric Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Low Pressure Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Pneumatic Steel Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Pneumatic Aluminum Tie Rod Cylinders
  • High Heat Tie Rod Cylinder Applications
  • RFID Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Mounts and Accessories
  • Power Units
  • Booster and Accumulators
  • Industrial Manipulators

Milwaukee Cylinder also manufactures a special new cylinder product developed for high temperature applications. Vulcan Series High Heat Tie Rod Cylinders  feature water-cooled cylinders and bearings to handle extreme environments, and they can be tailored to fit your specifications.

Milwaukee Cylinder’s dedication to customized specials provides customers with more opportunities to find the cylinder products they need. Contact our experts today to discuss Milwaukee Cylinder components designed specifically for your applications.

Milwaukee Cylinder Repair & Warranty Services

We are an authorized Milwaukee Cylinder repair and warranty partner. We process any repair requests for Milwaukee Cylinder components. We will determine if your parts need to be sent back to the factory for repair or if it would be a better to invest in a new part. If your components fall under warranty, we will work with Milwaukee Cylinder to handle the warranty and deliver you a replacement component.

Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about Milwaukee Cylinder repairs or custom components for your business.

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