Authorized Kenco Distributor

The Stanley M. Proctor Company is an authorized distributor of Kenco measurement and instrumentation devices.

Kenco has provided businesses with quality measurement and instrumentation solutions since 1958. They are widely known for their line of liquid level gauges and oil level controllers, plus many other components used in the oil and gas, power, water, pulp and paper, brewery and waste treatment industries.

Kenco’s standard of excellence and commitment to engineering dependable equipment make them a popular choice for measurement applications. These products include:

  • Electronic level measurementUltrasonic level switches
    • Thermal differential switches
    • Magnetostrictive level transmitters
  • Mechanical level measurement componentsLevel gauges
    • Tubular valves
  • Sight flow indication componentsSight flow indicators
    • Sight windows
  • Chemical process equipmentSetting, rate and drum gauges
    • Calibration pots and cylinders
    • Chemical injectors
  • Engine and gas compressor equipment
    • Float switches
    • Dump valves
    • Low flow meters
    • Oil supply tanks and stands

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As an authorized distributor partner of Kenco, Stanley Proctor provides businesses with the measurement and instrumentation components they need.

Kenco Repair & Warranty Services

Stanley Proctor also provides warranty and repair services for Kenco components. We will process any of your repair requests to help determine if your component needs a factory repair or if it would be a better investment to purchase a new device. We also work directly with Kenco to review and handle any warranty claims on your components.

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