Authorized Distributor of Danfoss Hydraulic Components

The Stanley M. Proctor Company is an authorized distributor of Danfoss hydraulic components.

Danfoss is one of the world’s premier hydraulics companies and provides components through their various lines of quality products. We supply pumps, motors, cylinders and valves from the Danfoss brands of Char-Lynn, Vickers, Hydro-Line, Hydrokraft and DuraForce.


The Char-Lynn product line has been a part of Danfoss since 1970. In that time, Char-Lynn has been known as an industry leader when it comes to producing quality, cost-effective steering controls and high-performance motors for decades. These motors are based on the Orbit Principle. This means an internal gear can rotate inside an external fixed gear, leading to an economical design that provides reliable power and modularity.


The Char-Lynn brand is widely used by original equipment manufacturers, such as those in the industrial and consumer vehicle industries. Stanley Proctor provides the following Char-Lynn components:

  • High-pressure (HP and valve-in-star) motors
  • Medium pressure (disc valve) motors
  • Low pressure (spool valve) motors
  • Steering control units


Vickers is a respected name when it comes to hydraulic components for power and motion control applications. Vickers became part of Danfoss in 1999 and provides a variety of replacement components and new equipment for industrial, mobile, aerospace, marine and defense applications across the world.


Danfoss Vickers components combine effectiveness and cost-efficiency, making them an excellent choice for mobile and industrial applications. Stanley Proctor supplies businesses with the following Vickers components:

  • Cylinders
  • Industrial valves
  • Mobile valves
  • Piston motors
  • Piston open circuit pumps
  • Vane motors and pumps


Hydro-Line industrial cylinders are known throughout the world for their performance and reliability and have been a part of Danfoss since 2000. The Hydro-Line brand is easily integrated with Danfoss components and is built for demanding applications, allowing businesses to maintain highly-productive industrial systems.

These cylinders are used in a variety of industries, including rubber and plastic molding, machine tooling, food processing, steel and aluminum milling and off-shore drilling. Stanley Proctor supplies businesses with Danfoss’s broad range of custom and standard industrial cylinders.


The Hydrokraft line of axial piston pumps and motors are made to excel in tough conditions. These components are designed for efficient performance and an extended lifespan in demanding environments found in the steel, chemical processing, metalworking, marine, and oil industries.

Hydrokraft is also able to manufacture pumps and motors that provide a wide range of controls. These components can also operate on multiple different types of fluids, offering a level of versatility to their list of benefits.


The DuraForce line of hydraulic pumps and motors are engineered for both precision and power. DuraForce components provide efficient performance at peak pressures of 500 bar with an ability to stand up to harsh environments.

Danfoss manufactures several different series of pumps and motors to provide machinery with consistent, accurate power delivery needed to improve efficiency and performance. These include:

  • DuraForce HPR Series Pumps, featuring an interchangeable design
  • DuraForce HPV Series Pumps, built for safety and precision control
  • DuraForce HMV, HMR, HMA and HMF Series Piston Motors, designed for high efficiency, control and durability

Danfoss Screw-In Cartridge Valves

In addition to the previous brands, Stanley Proctor also supply Danfoss’s comprehensive line of screw-in cartridge valves for stationary and on/off highway equipment. Danfoss is an industry leader in cartridge valve technology, offering a wide variety of products, including:

  • Check valves
  • Image of Eaton screw-in catridge valves.Pressure control valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Motion control valves
  • Proportional valves
  • Directional controls
  • Logic elements
  • Circuit maker solutions
  • Flow controls

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Danfoss Repair & Warranty Services

Stanley Proctor also provides repair and warranty services for Danfoss components. Our experts will process any of your Danfoss repair requests and determine if you’re in need of a factory repair or a new component. Our team can also review and handle warranty claims.

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