Authorized Daman Manifolds Distributor

The Stanley M. Proctor Company is an authorized distributor of Daman manifolds.

Daman is known throughout the country for its custom and standard hydraulic and pneumatic manifolds. For over four decades, Daman Products has focused on the needs of their customers, designing components that help businesses streamline processes and increase efficiencies. Around 65 percent of Daman’s production is comprised of custom manifolds for companies with unique fluid power needs. These highly efficient and functional custom manifolds can be made from stainless steel, ductile iron, aluminum, or brass.

Due to their quality, Daman manifolds and other available components are sought after by original equipment manufacturers in the machine tool, construction, energy, agricultural, and many other industries. In addition to custom manifolds, ongoing innovation has allowed Daman to amass a product catalog with over 1 million quality parts. Stanley Proctor can provide design assistance to businesses in need, as well as supply them with the following Daman components:

  • Hydraulic ManifoldsImage of a custom Daman manifold.
  • Pneumatic Manifolds
  • Header Blocks
  • Servo Products
  • Subplates
  • Cover Plates
  • Tapping Plates
  • DIN Bodies
  • Valve Adapters

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Daman Manifolds Repair & Warranty Services

Since 1999, the Daman Trigger System allows you to order Custom Manifolds without dealing with long lead times, rigid ordering schedules and cumbersome micro-management and follow-up of inventory required by other manufacturers. Click here for the Trigger System brochure.

Contact us today to talk to our experts about custom designs or repair services for Daman components. You can also order your own Daman products through our online parts list.

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